Introducing Me

Good morning all! It is currently 8:40 am on this lovely Monday. Usually I would be at school now, with the bell just signaling homeroom but today is a public holiday. Labor Day to be more precise. So I am taking advantage of my day off and am still in bed.

So, me…. well, I am a year 11 Australian who loves history and following my sports teams.  The historical time period that I probably know the most about is Tudor England. I enjoy watching AFL, cricket, hockey, and tennis.

My plan for this blog is to post often about whatever I like basically. One day it may be about the history of cricket while another could be a review of the latest blockbuster. It depends on my interests at that moment in time. Hopefully you like history.

I hope that your day, whatever the time may be, is going splendidly and that you are enjoying every minute that you have been given. I have to get up now since I can hear movement in the kitchen.

Cya later Skittle Skater 💫